Welcome in the future

Winter InformationsTechnologie is the leading developer of telematics systems exclusively for emergency vehicles (BOS).

The patented System „Dango“ prepares emergency vehicles for the digital future of traffic and its safety, as well as its future challenges.

Fleet management | Mission alleys notification and mission coordination are the core of the system.

The Dango Orbit ME Emergency System is 100% self-sufficient and xn scalable. It can be used across borders and organizations.

The patented system structure with "oneway" data flow guarantees you unique data security.

We are happy to answer your questions:
Fulfills measures according to § 9 BDSG and plant as well as data security according to ISO / IEC 27001

Dango enables organizations to cooperate! For better - strategic planning.
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„Dango die App“

Dango für Einsatzkräfte
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Dango - Orbit ME ES

Triple Life Rescue PLUS Increase the safety of your team!
Make sure that you arrive at the place of use accident-free.
Protect your team at work on busy roads.

Warn road users:
Dango Orbit ME ES warns road users when emergency vehicles are approaching
and informs road users when working on roadways.

Increase the safety of the emergency services:
Dango Orbit ME ES reduces the risk of dangerous and costly collisions with emergency vehicles.

Reduce the rescue travel time:
Dango Orbit ME ES provides real-time alerts for distracted drivers, giving them plenty of time to respond.

Prepare your fleet for the traffic of the future:
Dango Orbit ME ES provides real-time signals for autonomous driving and thus creates part of the foundation for this.

  • Emergency Driver

    You report your use without control center and vehicle independent.

  • Road Users

    You will be notified automatically when an emergency vehicle approaches.

Fleet management

With "Dango ES" for emergency vehicles, municipalities manage their vehicles - at no extra cost!

Real-time dashboard and analytics with live fleet status, data and trends are provided to cities and organizations.

  • Controlling
    One person manages all vehicles!
  • Know where
    Always ready!
  • Multiplatform
    Whether Android or iOS, just manage it in the browser!
  • All Infos
    Tank capacity, mileage, oil level, etc at a glance!


The Portal

Dango - Portal

The Dango Orbit ME Portal offers you:

- Manual alarm call
- Automatic alarm in app (open user Lic.)
- DangoConnect - Provision of alarm data
- Apply dynamic expression orders
- Monitoring displays with alarm signals
- Dashboard overview
- Prepare operations
- Manage vehicles
- View vehicle data
- Export Trips
- View and analyse tours
- See guided tours
- Operatinal Map
- Hydrants map
- Forest rescue points
- Manage cooperations
- Interne Kommunikation (BOScom)
- LIVE camera (StreamME)
- Control operations LIVE
... and much more ...